May 25, 2019
  • 8:31 am In the path of India’s election juggernaut
  • 10:59 am How the Assange case highlights the public’s right to know, but also public trust in a free press
  • 3:19 pm Journalists’ safety and media freedom both endangered in Indian election, panel warns
  • 12:19 pm CJA Newsletter special – Remembering Derek Ingram
  • 2:54 pm Action to curb urban pollution

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Commonwealth Journalists' Association

Derek Ingram, whose journalistic expertise helped open up Commonwealth countries to the rest of the world. By LINDSEY HILSUM, Channel 4 International Editor, and an early protege of Gemini News. Derek Ingram, who has died a few days short of his 93rd birthday, was a distinguished journalist and passionate supporter of the Commonwealth. In the 1960s, […]


INTRODUCTION In 2013 member states of the Commonwealth acknowledged the ‘surge in popular demand for democracy and human rights’ when they adopted the Commonwealth Charter in the name of the people of the Commonwealth. The Charter commits member states to democracy, human rights, freedom of expression, the rule of law and good governance, and recognises […]