May 25, 2019
  • 8:31 am In the path of India’s election juggernaut
  • 10:59 am How the Assange case highlights the public’s right to know, but also public trust in a free press
  • 3:19 pm Journalists’ safety and media freedom both endangered in Indian election, panel warns
  • 12:19 pm CJA Newsletter special – Remembering Derek Ingram
  • 2:54 pm Action to curb urban pollution

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A first trip to Britain for young Indian writer and English literature enthusiast Joyeeta Basu brought home the contradictions between London and her native Mumbai. It was in the winter of 2006 that I first visited London. It was my first international flight and I remember smiling through most of the eight-hour long journey from Mumbai. I’ve […]


By Nicholas Jones Having been a journalist for fifty years, I am in no doubt about my own position. I support and applaud principled individuals who are prepared to leak information which they believe should be in the public domain. They invariably put their own jobs on the line and often face the threat of […]