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  • 3:25 pm Calling out Kashmir’s media silence
  • 3:45 pm Why state action is needed to protect media freedom
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  • 10:59 am Commonwealth at the crossroads: Where do we go from here?

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Commonwealth Journalists' Association

Privacy and Digiial Age
Privacy and Digiial Age

Commonwealth Journalists Association (UK) discussion on

Privacy and Secrecy in the Digital Age

Date: 19 March 2015
Venue: Senate House, Room G35, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU
Time: 6.30-7.30pm
No entry fee.

· The discussion will be followed by drinks at a cash bar (First drink free for CJA members only)

Is the internet a blessing or a curse?
Google, Amazon, Apple and other cloud providers hold ever more of our data and can follow what we do. Governments and multinational corporations like Sony are under attack from hackers and extremist groups.
Does this mean we should roll over and accept that in the digital age privacy and security are a lost cause? Should the tech companies’ duty be to keep their users’ data safe, or to help governments tackle crime and terror, and what impact does that have on a free media?

Peter Barron, Head of Communications for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Google, addresses some of these issues in conversation with Charlie Beckett, Director of POLIS, Department of Media and Communications, LSE.


  • Inquiries about this event to Rita Payne at rita.payne@commonwealthjournalists.org
  • With thanks to the Institute of Commonwealth Studies for providing the venue for this discussion.
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