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The shocking impact of Covid 19 on communities and organisations across the world has been for many a salutary experience. It’s as if we’re at a crossroads, wondering how did we get here, and where do we go from here. This is a point of reflection not least for our own Commonwealth. A project by the Round Table and the Independent Forum of Commonwealth Organisations has looked at the contemporary Commonwealth through the eyes of the former Secretary-Generals. In a series of interviews conducted by the CJA’s Rita Payne, they look at the place of the Commonwealth in the changing environment of multilateralism and 21st century globalisation, and the importance of values and rights to the connected issues of development and security. The interviews with Sonny Ramphal, Don McKinnon, Chief Emeka Anyaoko and Kamalesh Sharma, pictured above, can be seen here: 

Sonny Ramphal:

Don McKinnon:

Chief Emeka Anyaoko:

Kamalesh Sharma: