August 8, 2020
  • 9:23 am We back Chin’ono
  • 10:22 am Kailash Budhwar, acclaimed broadcaster who guided BBC Hindi service
  • 7:27 pm The Commonwealth’s twin problems with media freedom, and a blueprint for action
  • 7:49 pm Cameroon journalists mourn media champion Chief Foanyi
  • 4:21 pm Why our 12 Principles are so urgently needed

Sharing Discussing Understanding

Commonwealth Journalists' Association

Politicians, journalists and media pundits gathered in the Palace of Westminster, London, in early June 2010 to offer their views on a nail-biting British general election. As each speaker tried to make sense of a month that ended 13 years of Labour rule and brought in the UK’s first coalition government since World War Two, […]