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Commonwealth Journalists' Association

Membership of the CJA links you with your colleagues in countries all over the world in a growing organisation that aims to widen members’ professional contacts and horizons.

The UK branch of the CJA (CJA-UK) is the gateway to professional media comradeship and understanding of the complexities of modern countries and peoples. It is an entry point to the intricate network of international officials, professionals, development workers and academics in London and elsewhere in the UK.

It can help open doors. It also works at organising events and specialist talks that will bring the news to you.

How to join

If you are a citizen of a Commonwealth country and earn your living as a journalist either in print, broadcasting or online, you qualify for full membership of the CJA. Associate membership is open to part-time journalists and to persons working in fields closely related to journalism who are members of Commonwealth countries.

The annual membership fee for a full member of CJA-UK is £35. The annual fee for associate members is £25. For further information, email